USS Abraham Lincoln is an American aircraft carrier. In the movie Ben, Kara and Henry got there like a best pilots, and later meets with Edi. The carrier was then run by Captain Dick Marshfield and Captain George Cummings.

Events from movieEdit

  • Arriving on the ship
  • Edi's arrival
  • Study break
  • Lighting strike
  • Tim fixing Edi
  • Take off on next mission
  • Cumming’s moments while Edi is on the run
  • Cumming's suicide
  • Henry's funeral

In Stealth 2 story takes places there for a few times.

Events from Stealth 2Edit

  • Keith's arive
  • Return on the carrier with Edi
  • Kara finds Edi
  • Leave for Brazil
  • Return with Henry
  • Escape and capture of ship